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As a full-service Ann Arbor Roofing contractor, we like to offer our customers multiple options when it comes to the materials, colors and styles of shingles. Shingles are the single most visible material that we install in Ann Arbor roofing jobs, and our customers enjoy a variety of products to choose from. This article provides an overview of shingle options to consider when envisioning your next Ann Arbor roofing project.

Asphalt Shingles

In Ann Arbor roofing jobs, asphalt shingles are both the most common and least expensive option that homeowners select. If you are shopping around for asphalt style shingles, you may also see them labeled as composition shingles that aren’t always made up solely of asphalt. Almost all asphalt shingles include a percentage of fiberglass and paper to support adhesion and durability.


- Most inexpensive shingle option

- Easy to replace and repair

- Comes in a wide variety of colors and styles

- Resistant to combustion and fire


- Shorter lifespan than more expensive shingle options

- Only last 10-15 years on most Ann Arbor roofing jobs

- Prone to plant growth, moss and mold

- Asphalt is not overly friendly to the environment

Wood Shake

Wood shake style shingles are more expensive than asphalt shingles and are constructed of various types of wood, including cedar, spruce and pine. They are lightweight, attractive and come in a variety of styles and natural wood colors.


- Natural look that blends in with the landscape of your home or business

- Durable and long lasting (up to 25+ years)

- Relatively easy to install and repair


- Comparatively expensive due to the types of wood

- Require more maintenance over the years

- More susceptible to fire

- Potential for rotting and degradation

Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are very popular in Ann Arbor roofing jobs. They are very heavy and are expensive to install, but are very attractive and give your roof a natural look that fits the motif of many homes.


- Low maintenance

- Durable and can last 50-100 years!

- Completely fireproof


- Comparatively expensive

- Very heavy material that requires a lot of work to install

- Requires specialized roofing skills to install

- Prone to chipping and requires maintenance

Metal Shingles

In Ann Arbor roofing jobs, metal shingles were originally a style of older homes. However, there are many new companies producing environmentally friendly metal shingles that are available in a wide array of colors and styles. They are constructed of a number of metals, but most commonly aluminum, steel or copper.


- Available in more styles and colors than any other style roofing shingle

- Very light weight that make for easy installation

- Durable with a lifespan of 40+ years

- Requires little maintenance once installed

- Eco-friendly


- Depending on type of metal and finish, they can be quite expensive

- Some metal shingles are prone to corrosion, rusting and bending

Clay Tile Shingles

Clay tile shingles are one of the most beautiful choices a homeowner can make, but they are costly to purchase and have installed. They are reminiscent of Italian and other Mediterranean roofs and give your house a classy and aesthetically pleasing look.


- Available in many colors and styles (it’s not all terracotta anymore!)

- 100% Fireproof

- Requires little maintenance

- Durable up to 40+ years


- Among the most expensive type of shingle

- The heaviest roofing material

- Cumbersome to install

- Prone to chipping over time

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